June 2011


17thJun 2011

Arkiris – Turning research into marketable innovations

The idea


17thJun 2011

The Idea / Product

Attomarker Ltd was formed in 2009 to exploit photonic biosensor array technology developed in the laboratory of Dr Andrew Shaw at the University of Exeter. The technology is based on the way light interacts with metal surfaces using a property known as localised Surface Plasmon Resonance to detect very low levels of biomarkers within a whole blood sample. Biomarkers are molecules present in the body that can provide indicators of general health, specific infections or susceptibility to chronic diseases. The company is developing a compact, robust, low cost instrument capable of simultaneously measuring up to 100 such biomarkers in a sample of whole blood within 15 minutes.


17thJun 2011

A stem cell bandage for your knee

Back in December 2003, re:search reported on the work being done by Anthony Hollander, Pro-fessor of Rheumatology and Tissue Engineering in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, who was pioneering regenerative medicine techniques in order to replace cartilage in the knees of osteoarthritis sufferers. Five years later, re:search reviewed the remarkable developments that have occurred in that time.