June 2011


17thJun 2011

SETsquared Business Acceleration in Action

Member since March 2007, Membership level Alumni

The Gnodal founding team joined SETsquared Bristol in March 2007. The team were already a world class, proven, technical team with a twenty year track record. What was missing was a lot of polish, a stronger commercial focus and funding. The team needed a sanctuary to start up a business in a private, low cost and supportive environment whilst they remained under the radar. Their idea was to develop a novel, innovative solution that would be a major disruption in the large Ethernet network market and help customers massively improve performance of their networks.


17thJun 2011

Building long-term relationships with those in the know

The idea

Ilika is a science-based materials discovery company, which uses high-throughput technologies, developed by Professors Mark Bradley, Brian Hayden and Mike Hursthouse and Dr Samuel Guerin from the University of Southampton's School of Chemistry.


17thJun 2011

How a Bath-based trio set about solving one of the global broadcast industry's biggest technical challenges - and how support from a local business incubator made all the difference