June 2011

Mobile Life

17thJun 2011

Mobile Life was set up by Stephen Doyle in October 2002 to deliver a new wave of internet services to mobile phones and PDAs.

The idea

Nano-Porous Solutions Lts (n-psl)

17thJun 2011

Nano-Porous Solutions Limited (n-psl) is a high technology filtration company

The business was spun out from the University of Bath in July 2007, to commercialize novel, patented, energy efficient, adsorbent hollow fibre technology developed at the University’s Department of Chemical Engineering.


17thJun 2011

The Idea/Product

Limitations of conventional crystallization techniques in the processing of pharmaceutical ingredients for a number of dosage forms typically requires the need for micronisation. These low-tech destructive based techniques are expensive, unnecessary and can adversely affect a range of highly important physicochemical properties.