June 2011

Software Mining

17thJun 2011
"You’re not operating in a vacuum with SETsquared, as you would be with any other serviced office.  They provide a whole ecosystem of facilities and services, seminars and contacts.  They have been first class."

Rob AndersonRob Anderson, Managing Director and CEO, Softwaremining

Surrey Aqua Technology Ltd

17thJun 2011
Surrey AquaTechnology Ltd (owned by AiM listed Modern Water plc) is a spin out company from the University of Surrey developing low energy processes for the desalination of seawater to produce drinking water.

Pilot Manipulated Osmosis Test RigDriven by the scarcity of fresh water, particularly in areas of water stress, the global desalination industry is predicted to gro

Surrey Nanosystems Ltd

17thJun 2011
Surrey Nanosystems (SNS) produces highly advanced systems and processes for growing Carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

SNS' unique ability to grow CNTs consistently at low temperatures represents an important breakthrough both for the future manufacture of high performance semiconductor chips and for the rapidly developing field of nanoelectronics. SNS' technology is based on proprietary intellectual property developed by the Company and in association with the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) at the University of Surrey.