November 2013

Lime Micro Systems-Chips shipped to over 200 customers

1stNov 2013
"SETsquared does a great job; we are extremely happy with all the support they provide, and I can see us continuing to benefit from it long into the future".

ModMyPi: a case for success

1stNov 2013
“One of the most important things I got from SETsquared was knowledge, and having someone that I could ask questions. I wasn’t a business person, I was a student civil engineer, and at the start I didn’t have the first clue of how to run a business.”
Jacob Marsh, CEO, ModMyPi

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Power Oasis: building a global telecoms business

1stNov 2013
“While we might have got the same angel funding without SETsquared, it would have taken longer to find investors, and SETsquared gave us an acceleration factor. We already knew some people, but others in the Bath VC community came via SETsquared – by reaching more people, it becomes about critical mass.”
Pete Bishop, founder and chief technology officer, PowerOasis