November 2013

Symetrica: secure progress

1stNov 2013
"SETsquared provides a supportive but challenging environment to somebody starting a small business. It makes the management of the company think carefully about what they're going to do and how they're going to do it, and enables them to have that critiqued by experienced mentors."
Heddwyn Davies, CEO, Symetrica 

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  • Start date: 2002 

The Retention People - fit for business

1stNov 2013
“When we started, we were still in university and naïve about the challenges ahead. We definitely benefited from having SETsquared’s people around to advise us and to help support us as a new business.”
Alister Rollins, founder, The Retention People and MoveGB

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SETsquared support

  • Student enterprise

Theta Technologies - See it. Before it happens.

1stNov 2013
"The main benefits have been the intangibles and, in particular, the freshness of thinking that comes with being at a university rather than being on a conventional business park."
Iain Fairbairn, managing director, Theta Technologies

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