July 2017

ModMyPi: Sound advice for a successful business case

25thJul 2017

When Raspberry Pi launched a low-end micro-computer aimed at encouraging programming, University of Exeter student Jacob Marsh saw an opportunity. One of the first in line to buy the much-anticipated micro-computer, Jacob set out to design a case to house the computer.

Launching his business ModMyPi with a simple website in 2012, Jacob soon realised the potential of his product after receiving more than 300 orders in the first few days. Jacob turned to start-up support incubator SETsquared for business support.

Seedata: SETsquared sees the potential in Exeter software firm

25thJul 2017

Bespoke mobile and web software firm, Seedata has experienced great success since it was founded in 2010. Starting as a digital web agency, Seedata utilised collaborations to expand operations and focus more on innovative products.

Regional opportunities

Partnerships have been a key business success factor for Seedata. Managing Director, John James, explained: "Links and collaborations with regional partners are important to us and have formed the basis of some of our greatest innovations."

Simpleware: Complexity converted to simple models by Exeter firm

25thJul 2017

Equipping companies with the tools to visualise data and create 3D images was the brainchild of Professor Philippe Young. Based at the University of Exeter, Professor Young was conducting a research project when he had the idea for Simpleware.