Conscious Solutions

We help law firms make more money from their website.

We are the UK's leading provider of digital marketing services to law firms. Here’s a selection of things our clients have said about us:-

o get positive comments from clients on rebranding & the design of their new website
o drive more traffic & leads to their website via optimised Paid Search campaigns in Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. One client made a 345% return on an ad spend of £32,000
o drive even more traffic & leads to their website with Local Search Engine Optimisation campaigns. A 73% increase in organic traffic to one website
o cross sell more effectively through email marketing
o benefit from our Digital Marketing Support service that ensures once your new website is live, you get the best out of it
o cater for smartphone users with a responsive website that shows off your website to best effect on small screen devices
o benefit from our Chatbot development designed especially for your law firm website that will help take down enquires and find content on your site.
Through our Symphony Legal division we also provide consulting services on strategy, M&A, compliance, HR, intranets, CRM & business development.