Delib is a specialist e-participation company, developing innovative online consultation and participation tools for use by Government, NGOs, business and brands. Delib gets people thinking, engaging and participating in important issues using new technologies. Governments, charities and businesses use our tools to create a dialogue with people and make a difference. People use our tools because they want to participate and we make it enjoyable and easy.

Good communication is at the heart of our award-winning approach; we favour websites, software and games, but also work with media such as print and film. We've produced outstanding results for clients like the European Parliament, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster, the YMCA, the BBC, Fortis, Publicis and over 100 UK councils. As an organisation we believe in the value of getting individuals and organisations thinking, talking and acting together. We believe that small, intelligent actions can lead to an improved civic society and revitalised democracy.