Cloudfind helps users of Dropbox, Google Drive or Box to find, share and organise their information effortlessly. By automatically classifying files according to the projects, customers or activities they relate to, Cloudfind enables anyone in the team to find relevant information within 3-4 clicks. Not only does this save time, but it helps ensure consistent tagging of files, with no admin.

Cloudfind is free to trial - sign up via

From now until 31/3/15, members of SETsquared qualify for a further 50% discount for a 1-year subscription. Normally £100, now just £50 (per user, per year). To register for the offer, contact [email protected]

Cloudfind was founded in 2011, with a fresh vision for how to make it easier for teams to work with information in via the cloud era.

Building on years of experience as both users and designers of enterprise information management systems, Cloudfind set out to solve the problems that characterize the modern enterprise: too much information, fragmented silos, and high cost of IT ownership.

The result is a unique, powerful approach to enabling greater efficiency.

Cloudfind learns from pre-existing content and structures to discover topics of relevance, then groups related files together into virtual collections: projects, customers, initiatives, document types, statuses, product lines, and more.

This approach makes it easy to tap into relevant material, through any dimension, delivering the right material in just a few clicks.

With Cloudfind, the business is back in control – not the systems.