ikle Limited

ikle is a next generation, mobile client intelligence tool, which provides those in Professional Service industries (accountants, advisers, lawyers, bankers, financial advisers) with real-time insight across your top client industries.

It is the professional’s solution for collating, analysing and sharing client intelligence on what’s happening, right now, wherever you go.

ikle has an experienced, entrepreneurial management team, supported by world-class advisers.

ikle is delivered on a Software as a Service (on demand) basis and is available immediately to business users with no IT overhead costs.

Our platform provides real-time, company and competitor announcements, prioritised news, financial and market information that is automatically tailored to a user’s or clients’ specific requirements, without being overwhelmed with information.

ikle can also be seamlessly integrated into any existing CRM, Professional Social Network or Document Management to provide a holistic view of your network, clients and teams to identify new business opportunities and to deliver exceptional service.