iQur Ltd

iQur is focused on liver disease. Chronic liver disease is now the fifth commonest cause of death in the UK and the second commonest cause of death in middle aged men. Of the three commonest causes of liver disease (alcohol, obesity and viral hepatitis B and C), viral hepatitis affects over 500 million people worldwide. Prevention of infection with Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Hepatitis A virus (HAV) are major public health goals of all developed and emerging countries, strongly supported by the WHO.

iQur is concentrating its therapeutic research and development on a vaccine platform based on exploiting the immune stimulant properties of Hepatitis B core. iQurÕs patented Tandem Core Technology (TCT) relies on the linkage of two HBV core molecules to form a stable backbone that combines to form virus like particles. Insertion of target antigens into the TCT produces a vaccine that combines the immune alert signal provided by the HBV core with targeting of the immune response to the inserted vaccine antigen. This technology can be used to generate immune responses against infectious pathogens including viruses, bacteria and parasites such and malaria, agents used in biodefence, anima pathogens and cancer associated antigens.