Gettus Limited

Gettus! is the new way to get better deals on the things you are going to buy. We connect sellers with buyers who have asked for a deal.

Gettus! is a fresh take on a stale market. We have developed a "user pull" (rather than "vendor push") social marketing platform that empowers people to get better deals on the things they actually need, while enabling sellers to reach those anonymous customer leads in a timely, relevant and cost-effective manner. The result: a proper win-win for both sides.

Currently under wraps, Gettus! will come to market during 2013. In the meantime we are seeking investment and partners to join the business to help accelerate its growth. You can register for early access to the platform at or contact Carlton Jefferis, Founder and CEO, via email ([email protected]) to discuss the business opportunity in more detail.