AptCore Limited

AptCore supplies processor designs optimised for machine vision and radar applications. Using our unique, patent pending processor architecture we can provide unrivalled levels of performance for the target applications. Our processors may be used as hardware accelerators within a larger system, or as highly efficient embedded processors within a small power efficient unit, in each case providing superior capability systems for our customers.

AptCore provides processor solutions in the form of Intellectual Property ‘cores’ for silicon integrated circuits and field programmable gate arrays. AptCore combines experience in highly parallel processing, high performance compute and low power design together with applications expertise to design processors optimised for target applications of radar, machine vision and situational awareness. AptCore’s innovative designs and expertise can greatly provide unrivalled performance whilst lowering cost and power consumption for demanding signal processing applications.
Current products include the ACR1 radar processor, ACP1 pixel processor and the ACL1 optical flow processor. Further products are planned to support the higher levels of capability required for driverless cars.
For further information see www.aptcore.com.