Blu Wireless Technology Ltd

Blu Wireless is a leader in 60GHz intellectual property. The company designs and licences its technology for inclusion on 802.11ad next generation WiFi (WiGig), tri-band WiFi and 4G mobile network backhaul chipsets.

Based in Bristol, UK, Blu Wireless was founded in 2009 and currently comprises a team of over 30 professionals. BWT also provide systems consultancy to OEMs and operators – including supply of its Lightning prototype 60 GHz wireless modems for evaluation and trial networking. They are currently working with several customers in the backhaul and semiconductor markets. A number of products based on their HYDRA Gigabit modem are also in development.

Sector: Semiconductors/consumer electronics/mobile networks
Founded: 2009
Location: Bristol, UK
No. of Employees: 30 with target of 45 by end of 2015.
Key Customers: Semiconductor companies, consumer electronics and 4G basestation manufacturers