Materials stress management service - for the engineering sector world-wide. Uses deep-hole drilling (DHD) technique which is a highly innovative and unique scientific technique for measuring stresses deep inside engineering components.

VEQTER Ltd is a leading-edge spin-out Company from the University of Bristol employing unique technology and expertise for the measurement, analysis and management of residual stress in engineering components.

For residual stress measurement we employ industry proven methods and specialise in the Deep-Hole Drilling technique. Our portfolio of proven measurement techniques also includes Crack Compliance, Incremental Centre-Hole Drilling, Neutron Diffraction, Sachs Boring and X-ray. Through our experience and extensive knowledge of using these measurement techniques we provide our Clients with impartial advice on the optimum use of a portfolio of techniques to suit their requirements.

We provide our Clients with complete through-thickness residual stress measurements from full-scale components, which prove vital in the next stages of structural integrity analysis. Using our advanced analysis tools, we offer added insight into the residual stresses measured and their interpretation with respect to crack propagation, fatigue, manufacturing, numerical modelling, stress corrosion, yielding.

Our expertise in residual stresses extends to understanding their impact on the performance and structural integrity of engineering components, which include rotating machinery, pressurised systems and major structures. We advise on the management and mitigation of residual stresses in circumstances where they are expected to be detrimental to performance.

Currently serving many industrial sectors Worldwide, VEQTER is helping to reduce the frequency and duration of downtime that costs some clients more than £1,000,000/day.