Standard InterOperations

Standard InterOperations (SIO) provides a methodology and tooling to model any activity in any organisation. We call this OIS (Operational Integration Standards) and it can model anything from laboratory experiments, on-boarding new customers, to setting up and monitoring networked devices. Its main use is in Organisational Transformation, defining operations so that they can be made more efficient, outsourced, or automated, so dramatically reducing the time taken to start new IT projects and dramatically reducing the risk of delay, cost overruns and features shortfall that characterise many of today's enterprise transformation projects.

By precisely modelling operational activities, they may be refined, communicated, compared, converged, crowd sourced into best practice and, most importantly reused across the organisation. Know-how is no longer trapped in the minds of individual Subject Matter Experts. OIS has its greatest value when models are shared across the sector and so turned into standards. Then they create sector-wide skills and encourage software vendors to produce services and products that are usable directly off-the-shelf.