iPEST aims to bring pest control into the 21st century through the exploitation of information gathered through our intelligent pest control units. Our systems will enable our customers to be fully informed on the pest control service they are receiving or delivering.

Customers of the service will be able to:
• Save time, resources and money by preventing unnecessary visits to locations not requiring attention, or removing the need for a 3rd party contractor.
• Reduce the risk of uncontrolled / unidentified infestations causing damage to property, products and the environment
• Improve knowledge regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of their solution
• Save costs & reduce the risk of unknown individuals being on a site by removing the need to outsource rodent control to a 3rd party

At present the business is an early-stage start up with the technology aspects nearing completion.

The business is a service company providing tools & technology to different customer groups (see potential market) in order that they might deliver and support their rodent control solution more effectively & efficiently while reducing costs.

The business model is one of leasing our intelligent bait units and online service (see product/service) to customers for a contracted time. What they receive in return is an online service giving near real-time information and analytics on their current rodent control solution and levels of infestation.

The customer has the ability to create multiple locations, move bait units around as they see fit and perform trending analysis.

The benefits of this service to our customers are highlighted in the “business summary” section.

iPEST will not be delivering people to go and place and (re)fill boxes with poison. This, alongside the leasing of the units marks a radical step change in the business model of pest control services. However, the benefit to iPEST is the ability to scale the business to a national and international level quickly (no geographically local personnel are required).