Reach Robotics

Personal robotics has been on the rise for the past few years with an estimated market of £12 billion by 2017 and will continue to do so. The Social gaming market is also estimated to reach £3.8 billion by 2015. Our robots fit perfectly into the space between a toy and a live pet and are also social gaming agents. They are more interesting and engaging than a toy and do not come with the disadvantages of a live animal such as vet bills or sickness.
Our Robots are a whole new platform of social gaming and entertainment robotics.

At Reach Robotics, we believe in the future of entertainment. We take the fiction out of Science fiction and make things happen now. Our robots are built to fascinate, inspire and educate you, your family and your friends. They are intelligent, move in a lifelike manner, have personalities and develop as they interact with the world around them, your world.
What we aim to create is not simply innovative products but also a company, a brand that represents innovative thinking using robotics; a combination of many different disciplines and fields.
What we are creating as of now is a personal robotic toy, you use yours to interact with and challenge your friends, you can tailor these robots to you by buying new parts for them, nothing like this exists in the world and we would like to make it a reality.