Up Investments Limited

Up Investments Limited is a start-up company of young entrepreneurs which is not yet trading.
We plan to launch a crowdfunding platform, which will enable businesses to go online to seek investment from the public.
We are in the process of fundraising and have secured over £100,000 investment which has enabled us to begin developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a target launch date of 12 September 2013.
We have in place a 6-member executive team and directors' agreements have been drawn up. Three non-executive directors have been identified and will also be appointed, to bring both business expertise and a level of governance.

Up's business proposition has several unique selling points:
- We have developed a robust, automated risk analysis system to evaluate the risks associated with each business pitching for investment.
- In addition, we are offering manual vetting and enhanced due diligence services to ensure investors are fully aware of the risks they may be taking on.
- Up will be the first crowdfunding platform to offer a complete range of all types of funding/investment.
- Up will also develop a secondary market to enable investors to sell on their investments.
- Up's business model is designed to attract investors of every level, from novice to sophisticated/expert.
- We aim to become the most trusted provider of crowdfunding services, ensuring full compliance with all regulations while going above and beyond such regulations to offer investors protection through our comprehensive policies and procedures.