Fusion Processing Ltd

Fusion Processing is a technology company providing world leading collision avoidance and situational awareness technology for the automotive and transport sectors. Our products combine radar, cameras and other sensors together with high performance processing to provide machine vision systems with superior capability. Our specialist knowledge of sensor data fusion led to the development of the FusionCoreTM, an innovative combination of internally developed and public domain algorithms optimised to work together efficiently, enabling higher performance products.

Fusion Processing Ltd has used this base technology to develop CycleEye®, recognised to be the world leading cyclist detection system. CycleEye® is designed to be fitted to trucks and buses where it detects cyclists and alerts the vehicle driver to their presence via an audible, spoken alert e.g. ‘Cyclist left’. CycleEye® is an intelligent system that can distinguish between different objects and their behaviour ensuring drivers are only alerted when necessary. Having established a clear lead, CycleEye® is in great demand from transport authorities and operators in the UK and around the world.
Fusion is planning to utilise the same base technology to provide a range of products to the transport and automotive sectors. For more information see www.fusionproc.com.