Agilic Ltd

The Agilic Company is dedicated to the agile development of innovative products and services. The first product PiBot is a 'build your own' robot kit based on the Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

In November two months after it's conception Agilic was offered a 12 month contract for premises and support form the Bristol Robotics. In addition Agilic is being given funding under a new innovation stimulation program called RIF (Research and Innovation Facility). (see : RIF will give Agilic access to expert facilities and human resources to accelerate and enhance the development of commercial robotic products.

Kickstarter has been chosen as the platform to launch the robot and a campaign is planned to begin following a business trip to the states in late February.

Agilic is a new start up. I am currently the director and sole member of the company. I am currently recruiting and will grow to employ a small team over the next two months. Agilic is committed to developing outstanding products and services that meet real world demands.

It may be worth mentioning that I am also launching an associated Community Interest Company that offers educational workshop experiences. Initially this will be based on using the PiBot as an fun and educational device.