BluPoint offers an outstanding way of delivering education, health information and targeted communications free at the point of use to people in remote areas using the technology in their pockets. It is our vision to create a profitable business & improve the lives of 20M people in 20,000 communities by 2020.

Mobile phones are ubiquitous throughout the world and service an insatiable desire for people to access Digital content. However, the cost of doing so, particularly in the developing world, is prohibitively expensive and coverage sporadically poor.

BluPoint delivers equitable and free access to text, images, video and audio but rather than downloading directly from the Internet (which is often unreliable, confusing and expensive), users side load curated information from a local pop up web, free at the point of use using the technology already in their pockets.

Governments, NGO’s and businesses increasingly see mobiles as a route to transforming education, health care, and creating economic development to improve the lives and choices of people in the developing world. Often in these areas there is no consistent electricity, no robust network; and where it does exists it is often slow and expensive.

We meet this social and commercial needed through an easy to deploy solar powered networked system that serves content up using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM Radio, at speeds faster than 4G. Content can be updated using our on-line system or locally by the community of users. The technology can even work without accessible Internet connectivity and even on a mobile without a web browser!