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Founded by a 2x math olympiad and award-winning entrepreneur, PeopleGraph is building a people search engine, offering an instant, birds-eye view of someone's online presence - unlocking the dispersed value across unrelated sites and providing comprehensive, live profiles, with multiple points of connection and contact.

Our technology tackles an extraordinary opportunity - seeing beyond traditional 'networks' and harnessing the value from exploding public data.

In 12 months we've:

- Indexed over 2 billion people
- Clients from startups to Google
- Won European iTalent Award
- Multiple press accolades, described as "Simplest and most intuitive UX"
- Raised over $1.5m in Seed finance from leading investors
- Hired a team of ex-Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and Adobe.

By the end of 2015, we will have indexed over 4 billion people.

3 billion searches a day are for people, yet there's no way to comprehensively search someone's online footprint. We solve that problem with a people search engine