BigBelly Solar Ltd

With over 15,000 units installed worldwide, Kyron and the Big Belly Compactor range are revolutionising street waste collection across the UK and internationally. Completely self-powered, BigBelly uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs and because of its compaction capability it can hold six to eight times more waste than the average street bin. Increased capacity dramatically reduces collection trips by an average of 86% thereby reducing associated operational costs & carbon emissions in addition to eliminating weekend collections and overflowing bins!
Kyron completed six years of extensive trialling with over 162 UK Councils and with completed business cases, the Big Belly has been proven to reduce the number of street bin collections by an average 86% and related collection costs by 70%. This has been proven with Councils such as Nottingham, Bath, Isle of Man, Bournemouth, Oxford, Birmingham, Liverpool, Westminster, Scunthorpe, Universities of Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Trinity College and loads more besides.

The real gem is the wireless monitoring system in each unit. Fill levels and other key efficiency data is transmitted to a personalised website which requires no IT costs, and can be quickly and easily accessed on-line. Real time bin fill levels can be viewed eliminating expensive “milk run” type street bin collection rounds. Councils can also cater for changing conditions on the ground - special events, seasonal usage, growth areas, etc.