ManagePlaces Limited

ManagePlaces was formed in 2011 by former University of Surrey PhD students Georgios Michalakidis and Aaron Mason. With a team of designers and software engineers, we help businesses operate more efficiently and support them in their growth.

We have build advanced data analytics engines that enable processes from customer acquisition to quotation and order fulfilment (for Academia, the NHS and beyond). We want to help you complete more tasks and give you the information you need, at the right place, at the right time, resulting in better decision making.

The idea of a ‘central office’ is a thing of the past. More and more, organisation members are working out in the field or need to work at home. For any organisation with a mobile workforce, it’s vital to give them the tools they need to do their jobs with maximum effectiveness. This is a key part of our mission statement. In an exciting journey since 2011, we have been building products from the ground up based on requirements analysis and constant feedback from our early-stage users.