Iridium Insights Ltd

Iridium works in partnership with clients in the consumer goods sector to maximize the Return On Investment from their various data sources and enable better and quicker decision making through:
. Harmonization of disparate data sources, both internal and external.
. Implementation of data analytic across the combined data set, within an
industry- relevant framework.
. Extraction of industry insights and understanding through interrogation and
interpretation of the data analytic.
. Integration of insights into company decision making.
. Using multi-disciplinary, expert teams for each stage of the process.

At Iridium, we recognize that one of the biggest challenges and opportunities - facing the consumer goods industry centers on data and its analysis. The quality of data generated by consumer business and its consumers continues to rise exponentially, with an increasingly rich and divers range of data sources.
Harnessing this information assets, in the right way, will have an increasing impact on the success of a brand or consumer business.
At Iridium, we believe that combining data and analysis from a broad spectrum of sources, with a multi-disciplinary team, we can generate powerful insights for decision-makers.