Sherlock S.r.l.

Bicycle theft is a critical issue worldwide, especially in urban areas. Sherlock is a GPS-based antitheft device connected to a smartphone app that allows cyclists to precisely locate their bicycles and retrieve them in case of theft.
Sherlock is embedded into the structure of the bicycle, is characterized by an unobtrusive design and provides a flawless user experience.

Being a cyclist means embracing a sustainable lifestyle, enjoying commuting and promoting a change in society. Your bicycle is something personal and having it stolen is like seeing a piece of you gone. Every year more than 3 mln bicycles are stolen in Europe and bicycle theft is a critical issue worldwide. This is particularly true in a world that is shifting towards a new concept of smart mobility, especially in urban areas.
At the moment, cyclists rely just on chains and locks to secure their bikes and in case of theft they have no practical methods for recovering it.
The Sherlock Value Proposition answers to the need of mid-to-high level cyclists for an advanced security device for their bicycles. In particular, the value that Sherlock offers to the target customers is based on a constant and precise bicycle localization (GPS + GSM/GPRS) combined with an unobtrusive design (the device is invisible from the outside), a sound alarm, push alarm notifications on smartphone and an overall seamless user experience.
Behind Sherlock there is a passionate team with a strong background in engineering, international management and user experience design.