NurseryBook (, an Early Years Educational Technology company, is passionate about giving all children the best start in life no matter their social or economic background.

NurseryBook’s intuitive, specialist app makes the Early Years experience better, by using technology to increase valuable time on a child’s learning & development journey and embedding Early Years best practice, while saving childcare practitioners time & money and increasing positive parent engagement.

NurseryBook, a UK-based company, is well placed to take a substantial market share in this emerging UK and International market for tablet-based Early Years observational learning & development assessment. The business is led by Geraint Barton, Founder & CTO and Richard Barrell, CEO.

NurseryBook’s online web and mobile app makes it quick and easy for early years childcare practitioners to securely capture and share children’s learning journeys against the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, without the need for paperwork.

Our secure app also simplifies planning and sharing creative resources, which in turn supports practitioners. By choosing to regularly share photos, messages and ideas for creative play at home, childcare practitioners encourage positive parent interaction and create measurably better outcomes for all children. This powerful combination of benefits may lead to better inspection and review ratings from education review authorities.

In addition, by choosing to share photos and videos with parents, they get precious insight into their children’s daily activities and everyday miracles, as well as understanding how to support learning and development at home.

Research shows that children who receive high quality Early Years childcare in the first 5 years of life go on to do better at school, earn more and contribute to society more. In addition, parents play a crucial role in underpinning this learning and development journey.