OnCorps is the decision analytics company that intelligently nudges individuals to drive maximum team performance. Nudges are little tweaks to the decision making process, like providing timely information in advance of a decision. Our mobile nudging apps provide a way for large companies to rapidly communicate with employees in a targeted way and support their decisions. And, using our platform, our engaging apps can be rapidly configured, deployed and changed. OnCorps data science applications identify, create and apply the data large companies need to get big gains.

When making business decisions, organisations have historically analysed their existing data, supplemented with traditional survey tools. These methods yield results that are not dynamic or real-time, take too long to evaluate and are prone to high prediction errors. This is because clicks from others are not always reliable in predicting decisions of individuals.

OnCorps applications are tailored to each client’s unique requirements, enabling them to create the data they need instead of just charting the data they have. In addition to real-time diagnostics, benchmarking and data correlation capabilities, OnCorps applications deliver high impact visualisations, resulting in 2-3 times higher engagement rates and reduced reporting cycle times. OnCorps data scientists can also seamlessly convert relevant external data sources into predictive and correlative models, supplementing an organisation’s proprietary data to improve accuracy and help nudge users toward better outcomes.

Today, organisations spend too much time and capital collecting and charting data. Not enough time is spent turning data into decisions. OnCorps ushers in the next generation of analytics, applying technology to track and measure individual decisions and nudge users to make choices that improve their odds of success.