Zeetta Networks Limited

Zeetta Networks is a spin-out company from the University of Bristol focusing in the design, development and marketing of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) solutions.
Zeetta’s core technology has been developed over the last five years by the High Performance Group in the University of Bristol as part of European, UK Government and Industry funded research. Zeetta’s NetOS® technology is currently used in the “Bristol is Open” Smart City testbed, the first worldwide Smart City deployment based on SDN and Network Virtualization principles.

Zeetta Networks will commercialise SDN/NV technologies for Smart Cities in the form of: 1) a centralised Smart City Operating System (NetOS) developed by the University of Bristol, and 2) an Open Development Platform where application developers (regardless of their size) can write software applications to deliver city-wide services. Thanks to the flexibility of the SDN architecture, Zeetta’s solution can address both greenfield developments and retrofitting deployments on existing city infrastructure.
Zeetta would license the Network Operating System (NetOS®) to infrastructure owners who manage complex networks of infrastructure systems (such as City Councils) and charge them based on the utilisation of network resources directly managed by NetOS®. This is a flexible, scalable and attractive business model to both infrastructure owners and service providers because the license depends on the utilisation of network resources (i.e. usage-based billing).