Green Crocodile Company Ltd (trading as Crocodile)

The Green Crocodile Company is driven by using 'tech for good'. Our focus is on digital technology that delivers social, health and environmental benefits - AND profits at the same time! With our first app - Crocodile - we aim to build a trusted network of parents with children at the same school or club. Once connected, our app allows parents to start sharing journeys, whether that's the school run, collecting from after school activities or ferrying children to parties and clubs at the weekend.
Our long-term vision is to build the world’s #1 most useful parent-child-school network.

Green Crocodile Company Limited was founded in 2015 from a prize-winning idea for an app to make it easy for parents to share the journey to school.
Based in Bristol, we're currently piloting Crocodile with a small number of primary schools - and aiming to launch the app across the UK in autumn 2016.
Our growing team comprises Kevin Ramm, Carl Sargunar and Chris Thurling as founding directors plus a panel of subject matter experts, a technical delivery partner and an advisory board.
We are working with Bristol University to improve our understanding of how our digital technologies can drive positive change.