Animus Technology Limited

Integrated Cloud Business Intelligence Platform

Animus enables people, projects and organisations to capture, share and rapidly exploit information and data, creating new connections and value opportunities. Our application ecosystem integrates collaboration, work flow management, analytics, visualisation, mapping, reporting and curated intelligence tools and technologies in a secure, access-controlled environment.

Our mission is to put the power of simple applied technologies at the heart of organisations, helping them adapt and deliver meaningful transformations, big and small, catalysing smarter working and better performance. We do this by helping to link strategy, people and data through simple, new-generation digital technologies. We call this Applied Intelligence.

By putting users and outcomes at the centre of custom application ecosystems, we believe that the top-down, system-centric enterprise approach that stymies so much innovation can be consigned to the past.

Animus is a creative business, pioneering new approaches to leverage data and Business Intelligence through technology.

The business model is premised on developing a modular intelligence platform, tailored and deployed into vertical markets/domains.

The team comprises two founder-Directors, a Lead Software Architect, two Developers and a Project Analyst.

Our offices are based in Bath, the UK’s fastest growing tech hub outside London, and Aberdeen, Europe’s Oil & gas capital.