Zoetrope Ltd

Zoetrope is an IoT company providing both consultancy and new product development services for companies of all sizes. We develop solutions in partnership with our clients which enable coherent and connected products. Zoetrope is launching a new packaged solution for rapid deployment of IoT for integration with existing products developed by SMEs. We call this ZConnect.

We’ve worked with a multitude of organisations including e.on (smart home product development), the GSMA (consulting), Action on Hearing Loss (prototyping) and Ambie (product development).

ZConnect is a suite of IP designed to accelerate the development of complete IoT systems which are embedded in existing unconnected products (e.g. lifts/boilers). This permits predictive maintenance; smart fault diagnostics; end user control; and product intelligence. We handle security, scalability and standardisation to provide our clients with a simplified route to achieving connected products.

ZConnect is one of very few systems to offer complete end-to-end (hardware to user) IoT solutions for integration with existing product lines.