BotsAndUs is a lifestyle robotics and AI company - we design, develop and build robots with the ongoing feedback and support of the actual humans that will use them. Our latest product, Bo, is a one of a kind, highly intelligent and interactive assistant for the retail, hospitality and events sectors. Very easy to use and personalise (inside and outside), Bo will revolutionise customer experience and become the best brand advocate for a variety of businesses for which face to face customer/guest interaction are essential.

At BotsAndUs we strongly believe in the symbiosis of humans and robots, in a world in which they co-exist towards building more meaningful and happier lives for all generations and social backgrounds. We want to inspire people and businesses to open their doors to robotics by creating beautifully designed products that are useful, accessible and loveable to humans (the Bots) and, at the same time, educate consumers about the collective and individual benefits of AI (the Us).