Sinearc Limited

“Sqant” connects real world marketplace retailers to customers (both online and offline via an interactive digital app and highly visual shop front or interior signage. This provides a straightforward way for customers to engage with retailers in the real worlds by receiving information on products the retailer can provide, either in shop or online. Personalised products or services they want are shown to the customers via signage. We have developed a cost effective single solution with two intelligent apps. Sqant is a solution which represents the company’s passion for exploring and creating new and innovative technologies.

Sqant enables retailers to add items via the smart signage app or retailer website by simply taking photos, adding descriptions, price, quantity and other details. Once complete, the retailers will have customer specific products visible online (and in-store on the signage) instantly.

This enables the customer to visualise the products they want and the retailers to target their products effectively. Sqant will give people what they want when they want it.

Customers install the marketplace app onto their phone using the standard Apple and Play Stores. The app lets them know which retailers are nearby, what they sell and what special offers might be available to them. They can buy items online, collect orders from the store or have them delivered.

When customers pass the shop front, the display will "interact" with them when in close proximity (less than 10 feet). The smart signage will display relevant products or ads based on user demographics, previous purchases, gender, preferred categories and other details. Users can even search the shop, view sales, discounts, coupons, maps from the app and have these shown on the shop's digital signage. We encourage users to "Sqant what you want!"