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Attendat - Student Attendance Tracking app, which uses Bluetooth proximity between mobiles to automatically register student attendance at lectures.

There is a growing need for Student Attendance Tracking within Universities – there are 3 key drivers in the UK market:

• University Student Welfare – 6% of first degree entrants aged under 21 do not continue beyond their first year. Attendance tracking highlights students with low attendance allowing issues to be addressed earlier, reducing the likelihood of student dropout, which impacts both University revenues due to lost tuition fees and league table statistics.
• Degree Apprenticeships – Universities are required to produce monthly reports of Student Attendance at lectures to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and Employers, in order to draw from the Apprenticeship Levy fund.
• Foreign Students – Universities are required to report Foreign Student attendance every 2 weeks to the Tier 4 Visa/Immigration (UKVI) in order to meet compliance. Failure to report can result in the licence to provide courses to foreign students being withdrawn.

Early adopter attendance tracking solutions based on technologies such as RFID, NFC and Bluetooth beacons are currently being explored by a few Universities, however these all require lecture room installations, making them expensive to deploy and complex to manage.