The increasing number of separating couples seeking to resolve their issues via solicitors and the associated court process, is creating an unsustainable workload on all of the agencies and professional services involved. These are no longer operating efficiently.

transparently has developed a platform that provides at its core, a central, permanent and un-editable record of all written exchanges between a couple, before, during or after separation or divorce.

transparently records all communication between a former couple. Either one of the parties is able to invite their solicitor to view the communication, as it is happening.

In doing this, solicitors have the ability to intervene at the earliest point and prevent unnecessary escalation of any given situation. They are able to view both sides of a 'story' and can use their time to provide focussed, targeted advice to a client.

Positively too, individuals are provided with a foundation on which to rebuild, recover and maintain ongoing co-parenting relationships.