EcoPowerSoft is a value-adding data service offering process data collection, analytics and remote monitoring and diagnostics to small-scale renewable power stations. Using our experience and intellectual property in the renewable energy sector, we develop bespoke analytics, dashboards and displays for our customers to enable them to make use of their process data and run their plants more effectively and efficiently.

EcoPowerSoft is run and was founded by two engineers who have experience in troubleshooting and performance improvement projects in the Biomass and Energy from Waste industries. From working in this environment, they were often faced with the challenge of being able to easily access and visualise process data (temperatures, pressures, flow rates etc). The small power stations in which they work rarely have the budget for expensive data management software, neither do they have the resources to spare someone to learn how to setup and use it. We want these smaller plants to be able to learn from their process data and continuously improve their efficiency. We setup EcoPowerSoft to offer data collection, analytics, dashboards and advice based on our experience for a simple monthly subscription that small plants can afford.