C Enterprise (UK) Limited

CEL UK has been designing innovative high-quality products since 2008. The company has a strong engineering design capability and a proven track record of design through to manufacture. The Company launched the Robox® 3D printer on Kickstarter in 2013; raising over three times the initial funding goal of £100,000 and has established a strong position in educational and domestic printers underwritten by excellent customer service. CEL UK is currently 100% owned by its UK founders. We recently have engaged in two R&D projects to extend the manufacturing capability of 3D printing which are partly funded from innovate UK grants.

CEL UK currently market two versions of their modular 3D printer platform: Robox, a single material machine and RoboxDual® a dual-material printer. These are manufactured to a high standard in China and are targeted at the academic and hobby markets. Both are highly rated in customer review sites for the quality and reliability of the product and the quality of their customer support. A larger scale 3D printer is currently in development with a launch date in early 2018. This product is targeted at industrial design and prototyping businesses; a rapidly growing part of the 3D printer market.