We build technology to collect, aggregate, store and analyse extremely large volumes of textual data for users in the defence, security and intelligence sector.
Our technology fuses all of our users disparate data, combining external and internal, structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources.
Our analytics engine, powered by advanced AI models, enriches our users data and performs complex analytics.
Insights delivered to the user through a single, self-service, user interface.
This is to enable greater speed, accuracy, accountability and deeper insight in analysis.
Enables quicker, fully informed decision making.
Our software transforms productivity and helps our users take critical actions.

Adarga is a full-stack AI company, developing pioneering self-service analytics software for enterprise. We are building products with powerful predictive analytics capabilities that generate unique insights and help drive faster and more effective human decisions and actions. We enable our customers to understand and use data more effectively. We bring together the latest artificial intelligence technologies and software engineering to empower our users to make the most of their real-world data. Our sophisticated intelligence tools are designed to be simple to use and integrate seamlessly with existing workflows, transforming the way you use your data and helping enhance value on a daily basis.