Mindfulness Health ltd

Mindfulness Health ltd designs and builds digital Apps for the mental health market.
Mental Health issues in the UK are at an all time critical high. 15% of UK population( 8.25 million) at any one time are suffering from GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)
Prevention and treatment through NHS, GP and social prescribing of this Virtual Reality Minfulness therapy (VRMT) is positive and cost effective, with no side effects.

Digital Mental Health Therapy in particular Virtual Reality Mindfulness Therapy (VRMT) helps develop deeper resilience and a clearer understanding of how to relieve negative emotions( anxiety, worry, stressand depression) and their physical symptoms . VRMT is a proactive and preventative approach which can reduce acute and chronic mental health problems for individuals and their families.

The long term benefits to personal well-being mean reduced demands on all areas of the health services.