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A single, secure, searchable repository for all an organization's user experience (UX) knowledge, making sure those insights are never lost.

Glean is a repository for UX insights. Imagine if a companies knowledge lived in a dynamic system where anyone in the organization could learn from it and build upon it.

One place for all your UX knowledge:
A single, secure and highly searchable living repository for all UX research, ensuring that discovery is a breeze and knowledge is never lost.

Spot patterns and discover new opportunities:
All that information in one place and the ability to connect insights across experiments allows you to spot patterns and find opportunities that might otherwise have been missed.J

Judge the quality and provenance of insights at a glance: encourages an evidence based approach. More and higher quality sources allow good ideas to rise without quashing creativity.Collaborative as a philosophy.

Security as a priority:
Give access to anyone in your organization, encouraging fruitful collaboration. But your valuable data is encrypted and secured against anyone else.