LiketoBe Ltd

LiketoBe is an digital networking platform helping to raise student aspirations and support business recruitment.

We believe that the biggest barrier to young people’s aspirations, is the lack of knowledge and understanding of what career opportunities there are. Until now, availability of careers advice has depended upon school visits from; employers and professionals, parents and/or teachers making use of their own contacts, in reality;
• time, resources, and money are constraints against the contribution that organisations and their representatives can make
• the available pool of experience and insight that parents can provide is unlikely to be deep or extensive
• and young teachers, straight from University will have a limited network or contacts and knowledge to call upon.

These challenges are further exacerbated within rural or hard to reach locations and socially deprived areas.

LiketoBe enables teachers to search online for professional people and businesses, to find content that provides specific career insights that will enrich the curriculum; making it real and engaging for schoolchildren.