17thJun 2011

Glythera is partnering with pharma and biotech to create a new generation of biological therapeutics through advanced glycosylation technologies. The company’s expertise in protein/peptide functionalisation and glycosylation technologies allows them to develop products that impart improved pharmacokinetic properties to biological therapeutics.

The Idea/Product

Glythera's stand at the 2009 SETsquared Investment Showcase event

PermaLink™ is a patented chemistry demonstrated to link a range PEGs and glycans onto proteins. The chemistry is tunable, more precisely targeted and more stable than the current gold standard, maleimide. This technology has the potential to confer functional, PK, manufacturing and storage advantages for biologics.

PermaCarb™ is a novel patented technology which uses modified complex carbohydrates resistant to degradation by endogenous exo-glycosidases.

PermaCarb™ is designed to reduce protein clearance from the blood stream leading to improved pharmacokinetic properties. This would potentially reduce quantity and dosing frequency of biologics, therefore enhancing patient quality of life and lowering cost.

How SETsquared/ Tech Transfer Office has helped

Bath Ventures at the University of Bath, took a lead role in identifying and developing the opportunity for a new spin-out company, and in negotiating the formation, establishment and investment of the company.

Funding/Business Won so Far

Glythera Ltd. is the latest spin-out company from the University of Bath and the first as part of the University's long term partnership with IP Group plc. Glythera, has raised £500k in tranched investment subject to the satisfaction of technical milestones from the University of Bath Crescent Seedcorn fund, IP Group and a Grant for Research and Development provided by the South West RDA to develop and commercialise its Permalink™ and PermaCarb™ Technologies.

Who to contact for more information or clarity on the case study?

Sean Smith (University of Bath) or Mark Warne (IP Group).

More information on the deals subsequently done can be found on the IPGroup and Glythera’s websites