The Mountain Trike Company

17thJun 2011

The Mountain Trike is a masterful blending of innovative wheel chair design and established mountain bike technologies that creates completely new capabilities to the manual wheel chair market.

All Terrain WheelchairThe Mountain Trike Company has designed a revolutionary All Terrain Wheelchair (ATW) to give paraplegics freedom to enjoy the great outdoors and travel over terrain currently impassable in a standard wheelchair. This is a unique, highly innovative, award winning All Terrain Wheelchair that will enable paraplegic users to explore places off the beaten track that are currently totally unavailable to them, offering increased freedom, independence and enjoyment. No other wheelchair on the market provides comparable high levels of off-road performance and dynamic control thanks to the ATW's unique patented propulsion, steering and suspension systems. To date, the prototype has achieved several awards including The Royal Academy of Engineering Most Innovative Design Prize and the National IET Design Presentation Competition. In the long term, the MTCL plans to lead the market in innovative human powered vehicles for transport, leisure and sport applications. The Mountain Trike Company (MTCL) was founded by Tim Morgan in May 2008.

The market

Initial investigations into market size for UK, Western Europe, Scandinavia and USA give 6.5M wheelchair users with 265,000 paraplegics and a target market for the ATW of 150,000 people. The ATW creates a new market segment by targeting the currently unserved All Terrain area with exciting potential for development of a new sporting discipline and involvement in the 2012 London Olympics.

How SETsquared has helped

The company was one of six selected by FASTtrack to receive effective and broad-based business support.

Through the FASTtrack programme, Tim Morgan, founder of the MTCL, has received extensive mentoring from a broad-based director with experience in many companies. 

SETsquared Investment Showcase 2009

Tim has been provided with valuable guidance across the business, especially in sales and marketing tactics, finance and growth strategies.

Tim comments "FASTtrack, together with our membership with SETsquared, has enabled us to take a fantastic design and turn it into a commercial viability. We have received assistance in making applications for funding and expert advice on developing plans for the production, sales and distribution. As a result we are feeling very positive and confident about our future."

Help has also been provided by business and marketing guidance from SETsquared. This has included additional business mentoring and marketing consultancy which has advised on PR programmes and branding.


Introductions have also been made to investors and potential employees, thus being a real catalyst to the company's development. FASTtrack has also provided a financial consultant who helped immensely in the preparation for the SWDRA grant application which was submitted late 2008.