22ndMay 2011

Enterprise-Class Analytics

The Product

Don Keir, SidonisSidonis delivers solutions for the monitoring, analysis and reporting of network problems. Its unique product, StateWise, is applicable to a very wide range of application areas.

StateWise is an enterprise class problem determination, root cause and service-impact analysis software application designed to offer a radically different approach to device and service management within large, complex and fast-changing network environments.

It delivers benefits by creating a virtual model of the network to speed up root-cause analysis; requiring fewer rules, simplifying design and maintenance and using intuitive graphical user interfaces for ease of use and to simplify operations in white-box modes. Its total flexibility with its topology modelling feature ensures that it is adaptable to a very wide range of application areas.

How SETsquared has helped

Through the FASTtrack programme, Don Keir, Managing Director of Sidonis, has received extensive mentoring from a broad-based director with experience in many companies. The mentor has provided valuable guidance to Don across the business, especially in revising the business plan, sales and marketing strategies and growth strategies.

Sidonis at the SETsquared Investment Showcase 2009The FASTtrack programme has also provided an opportunity for Sidonis team members to receive training in sales & marketing skills.

Don comments "FASTtrack has helped us to review all areas of the business and produce a business plan which will take us forward and help us achieve our objectives. Without the help from FASTtrack we would not be in the position we are in today. We are now ready to approach new markets in a confident manner. The expert advice we have received will hold us in good stead."