Software Mining

17thJun 2011

"You’re not operating in a vacuum with SETsquared, as you would be with any other serviced office.  They provide a whole ecosystem of facilities and services, seminars and contacts.  They have been first class." Rob Anderson, Managing Director and CEO, Softwaremining

Rob Anderson

Benefits of the SETsquared approach at a glance:

  • Logistical support: SETsquared provides great logistical support from office space and meeting rooms to phone, fax and network in an accessible environment, just off the A3
  • Valuable contacts: SETsquared has provided a wealth of introductions and contacts, one of whom is now Softwaremining's Marketing Manager and a key member of the team
  • Credibility: being associated with the University of Surrey gives a technology business like Softwaremining immediate and valuable credibility
  • Scalability: Softwaremining appreciates that SETsquared's support can grow with them, adapting to the needs of a developing business

Softwaremining's mission is to address the rapidly-widening COBOL skills gap. With most of the world's IT applications written in COBOL, but fewer and fewer programmers able to use it, Softwaremining has developed a set of tools and services for the automated conversion of legacy COBOL applications into Java and C#.

Rob Anderson, Managing Director and CEO of Softwaremining, describes the support that his company has received from SETsquared: "I think the main factor is that you're not operating in a vacuum with SETsquared, as you would be with any other serviced office. They provide so much more a whole ecosystem, if you like, of facilities and services."

"High-quality, relevant, economical and scalable"

"The day-to-day support is first class and excellent value. We also appreciate the fact that their support is easily scalable in terms of space, this could mean growing from a single room to a whole office block, if need be."

Dr Cyrus MontakhabBeyond that practical support, what else has SETsquared provided? "There are so many things really. They understand the constraints that a start-up or early-stage business faces, so their services are always relevant. They organise seminars on key topics; they introduce us to useful contacts; and they are a portal to expert services that we can use on an as-needed basis.

In fact, one of their introductions was to the lady who is now our Marketing Manager and a valuable member of the team.

In addition to all of this, being so closely associated with the University of Surrey is extremely valuable for a technology business like us it gives us immediate credibility."

How would Rob sum up the benefits of SETsquared for Softwaremining? "SETsquared has been first class, providing everything that we could wish for in terms of high-quality, relevant, economical and scalable business support services."