17thJun 2011

"SETsquared have been great: as well as providing practical facilities, they don't mind answering young businesses' dumb questions. And, as you grow, they raise the level of their support to take you as far down the path as you need". Andy Hutt, Chief Executive, TriOpsis Ltd

Andy Hutt - CEO & Co-FounderBenefits of the SETsquared approach - at a glance:

  • Community support: when the alternative is often working from home, which can be lonely and disheartening, SETsquared provided a place to go, with people to talk to - a whole community from which to draw support

  • Answers to every question: start-up businesses often do not know which direction to turn. SETsquared offered TriOpsis vital basic help in the early days, and continued to provide the right level of support as the company grew and its needs became more sophisticated

  • Access to finance: the most valuable contacts that SETsquared have provided have been financial, with SETsquared introducing TriOpsis to their lead investor, Simon Williams

  • Amazing scalability: TriOpsis started as a virtual member of SETsquared, then rented space when they were ramping up development, were able to give one month's notice when that phase was complete, but plan to rent again in the future, this time to accommodate their sales and marketing push.

TriOpsis provides the technology for companies to capture, digitally label and virtually share images of their key assets. A typical application would be for a utility company needing to dig up a road. TriOpsis could help them prove Health and Safety (and other) compliance by providing the technology for them to capture and time-stamp images of their arrival, their warning signage and their reinstatement of the road, thus avoiding possible fines and accident liability.

TriOpsis was founded in July 2006 and has been a SETsquared member from November of that year.

Andy Hutt, Chief Executive of TriOpsis, describes the growth of his company's relationship with SETsquared: "When we joined SETsquared, all we had was a good idea, a proof of concept and some potential clients - that was it!

Answers to fundamental questions

"We had a lot of fundamental questions. What do we do now? Should we get finance? We needed some pretty basic help, and the great thing about SETsquared was that they were quite happy to answer our dumb questions. And, as we have got smarter, so they have provided more and more advanced support."

What has been the most valuable aspect of that support? Andy Hutt: "It is difficult to pick out just one factor. I would have to choose three - firstly finance. SETsquared introduced us to Simon Williams, now our lead investor. That is obviously a huge benefit.

"Secondly, the scalability of their operation is great: when we were in full development mode, we rented some very reasonably priced space from them; when that phase was complete, we were able to give a month's notice and leave; in the future, when our sales and marketing operation ramps up, we will need some space again, and I know that SETsquared will be there for us.

"Thirdly, I would also say that it's great having a place to go. The alternative for me would be working from home, which, as we all know, can be lonely and disheartening. Being able to come into SETsquared and be amongst like-minded people, talk with them and feed off their energy and ideas, is extremely valuable."

How would Andy conclude? "SETsquared has played a major role in the development of TriOpsis in all sorts of ways - financially, practically and socially. I would recommend SETsquared's flexible approach, superb contacts and great support services to any young business."

Please download here to see a copy of Triopsis's brochure: