SETsquared Business Quick-Start (BQS) programme

DATE: January 16, 2018 at 9:00 AM and January 17, 2018 at 5:00 PM

VENUE: The Bristol SETsquared Centre, Clock Tower Room, Engine Shed, Bristol

Run by Entrepreneur in Residence, Greville Commins and Rick Chapman


A short course for new SETsquared ventures to attend, within 3-6 months of induction, that will cover the basic ground (known unknowns) necessary for each venture to begin to address their major challenges, to understand where SETsquared support services can help them and to leave with a plan of activity over the following 6 months.

The key challenges facing early stage start-ups entering SETsquared

  1. Market research, to correctly size and target the right market
  2. Finding Customers
  3. Getting their Key messaging right
  4. Understanding basic finance principles
  5. Funding sources & strategy, understanding of where they are now
  6. Choosing their business model and scaling their business
  7. The importance of an IP strategy (if relevant)
  8. Building a board and understanding Directors responsibilities
  9. The requirements of an Investor ready company
  10. Being able to do an Elevator pitch of their product and/or investment proposition
  11. How to make the most of SETsquared

The BQS programme (2 days) 

The BQS objective is to give basic pointers that help address the key challenges but we cannot deliver the comprehensive value of many of our 3 hour workshops on these subjects in a compressed format.

The approach will be to deliver 30-60 minute summaries of each topic that will give attendees an overview of what’s needed, what they should prepare, how they can work towards a solution or where they need to focus their attention in the medium term. The result should be a plan of what they need to do, how they can fulfil the business need, what support they need from EiR/Mentors, which workshops/clinics they should attend and what questions to ask of the SETsquared support resources.

This is a pretty full programme, we try to cram in a lot and deliver maximum value from the two days, making this a key investment for all new SETsquared ventures. There are many practical’s based on each companies business which help embed the learning during the two days and also provide real take away value for each venture.

Entrepreneurs who are not members of SETsquared are able to purchase tickets for this course and will get an excellent overview of areas they will need to develop in order to create a high-growth business, but it will not provide all the answers. 

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